16 Volt making new album here

Eric from 16 Volt and LA producer Marc Jordan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXOhjFnq-Uw

making a new album in January 2016 here!

Asher Fulero,Saviors, Hot Chops High, Fruition

Asher Fulero tracking a new album

Saviours were in with intense half stacks of metal melt making a new album with Billy

Hot Chops High in

Fruition new album


Perfect Monster with JP

Lesser Bags mixing.

More fun in our studios & mastering!

Recent studio clients-
Worlds Finest new album with Justin
Lance Matthews
Fruition new album with Justin
Vegetable Revival
liquidlight mastering with Rick
Damian  mastering with Rick
james Deibart mastering with Rick
Bottleneck Blues Band mastering with Rick

Ultra Van Krome mixing with Rick
Marc  Brown
Chainsaw Chicken
Just People
Black Prairie
Joel Grind
Roseland Hunters with Justin
Chad Grooms
Daniel Harmen
Brooding Herd with Justin
Josh la Riviera
Fruit of the Legion of Loom with Justin
Just People with Justin
Left Coast Country with Justin
Chainsaw Chicken album with Justin
Rule of the Bone master
Lone Madrone
Dope Ass Cats
Demon Lung    with  Billy
Bike Thief with Justin
Shawn Linzey
Beastmaster mastering with Rick
Michael Sterling mastering with Rick
Iris Moon
Sit Kitty Sit Master with Justin
Brooding Herd
Worth album with Justin
Vodka Wilson Overdrive album with Justin
Fast & Loud mastering
Black Queen with Billy
he whos Ox is gored
Brian Grand
42 Ford Mastering
Shivy  mastering with Rick
Elliot Knapp album with Justin
Bonepickers mastering
Agalloch  with Billy
Thanks mix & mastering with Justin
Iris Moon mastering
John Mazzoco album with Justin
Scumbucket mastering
Blind Willies
Perfect Monster mastering
Ing mastering
Haynes Bros mastering
The Skull with Billy
Erick Allen mast
Saqi mast
The Messengers mastering with Rick
Graves At Sea
DJ Elevated mastering with Rick
Belinda Underwood mastering
Taint Shakers
Annika mastering with Rick
Corsair mastering with Rick
Zorn mastering with Justin
The Visitors  mastering
The Sindicate mastering with Rick
The Ani Job
MPH mastering with Rick
Eric Stewart
Cybelle mastering with Rick
The Thornes album with Justin
Kevin Schrandt  mastering with Rick
Lonesome Billies
Nether Regions
Rena Jones album with Justin
more coming!

Lots of studio activity!

Billy recording Torus.

Brandon recording The Ani Job

Justin recording Roseland Hunters

Augers with justin

Blind Willie doing basics with JP

The Thornes new album recorded mixed and mastered.

Ertic Stewart mixed by Justin.

Lonesome Billies recording with BE.

Josiah with JP.

Much much More to be listed when we can.

Lots of Stuff

Rick McMillen mastered DJ Elevated 2 record set. Look for it on vinyl.

Rick also mastered the latest from synth popster VX 323. 
Kevin Schrandt remixs  by Rick.

A latest from Patrick Short mastered.

Brandon Eggleston's latest records: Themes (shook the walls almost to the point of crumbling),

The Shannon Tower Band,

House of Ghosts (Spokane),

and The Lonesome Billies have all been in .

Justin Phelps Mastered Everyone Orchestra 'Brooklyn Sessions' and a solo album by Robin Jackson of Vagabond Opera.
Faithless Saints mastered by Justin. 
Recently completed JP albums:
Heretic Opera Company's 'Valentine'recorded, mixed and mastered at Cloud City Sound
plus, new EPs by Ratpriest and TFB also recorded, mixed and mastered at CCS.
Justin Mastered Emily Wells remix tracks by Dan the Automator, Kid Koala and Live Footage.

Also did Papa Coyote, and Tokyo Raid.
Leftover Salmon - recorded and mixed by Justin Phelps, produced by Steve Berlin:

MarchFourth Marching Band - Magnificent Beast. 
They also had "song of the day" on NPR last week with Rose City Strut (our favorite from the album). They tracked & mixed their whole giant amazing album .... Steve Berlin of Los Lobos produced. Justin Phelps twiddled knobs. Get your CD NOW!

Other recent JP gigs:
Rena Jones -Film Soundtrack

Tasha Flynn album featuring Jeff Horton.

Celebrity Graves

Heretic Opera,'Valentine'

John Craig and the Weekend - Numbers.
David Tang's class visited our studios from Vancouver schools.
London band Scars On 45 was in for a recording stop while on tour.

French synth pop band Chateau Marmont was in our Studio A before their show in Portland recently.

Thanks a bunch to Dispatch for two days here! The nicest 3 guys you'll ever meet! 
We love ya! (In fact they just took our engineer Scott Stanley with them for a solo tour as front of house mixer)
Joe Bonamassa was in recently.
Rick mastered Joe Powers cool harmonica album for Japanese release,

folkster Jacob Balcomb, and

NIA ambient dance compilations.

Martha Davis of the Motels tracked on the Trident in our big room.
Bear & Moose new album in Studio B with Justin.

Donald Trump Jr was in recording voiceovers (!) Yes, Trump ! 

Billy Joel's Keyboard wizard Dave Rosenthal (Billy Joel, Rainbow, Happy the Man) in Studio A editing ProTools for Billy Joel's new symphonic project.

Shock -PDX 80's funk band 's masterpieces redone on AFTER SHOCK. The album includes players from bands such as Kenny G, the Dazz Band, Jeff Lorber Fusion, & Pleasure.

Daniel Lamb & 
Andi Starr in.

TapWater --Too Dark to Blink album and the Tapwater infused sound track for the Teva film Frontier by Rush Sturges was done with Justin Phelps.

The Tremblers, cutting vocals at Cloud City.

Providence (Rick McMillen mix)

Falls Road (Justin Phelps mix),

Simple (Jordan Richter mix) 
Tyler Hindes (Jordan Richter mix)
Larry Vergun (Jordan Richter mix)

Franco & the Stingers album (Rick McMillen mix & master) with blues producer Dave Alvey.

Don't (Justin Phelps mix, Rick McMillen mastered) album - Sam Henry (ex-Wipers) on drums.

Paisley Rose featuring Doug Smith from Pink Martini (Justin Phelps engineering),

Kasey Anderson feat. Andrew McKeag from Presidents of the United States of America (Jordan Richter eng)

Steve Hall Quintet (Jordan Richter eng) Opposite Sextet (Justin Phelps engineering and Darryl Grant producing). 
Rena Jones producing & engineering her latest classical/ambient masterpiece. (Justin Phelps mastered) 
Mars Retreival Unit new album Rick McMillen mastered

Quadraphones new album done here. 

16 Volt recorded drums & guitar for their great album American Porn Songs which is out now.(Eric Powell producing)

VX323 mixed techno pop in Green (Rick McMillen, mix, master).SuperDig Remixes in process

Mark Olson (ex-Jaybird's) in our big studio. (Beau Raymond produced)

Voiceover announcements for Portland Streetcar in production.

Colorful voiceover work for Flying Rhino productions .

Apocalyptica was in our studio (the greatest thing to come from Finland since Genelec speakers) for a KUFO recording. Apocalyptica is the most unique rock band out there. Think Metallica with cellos & Slayer's drummer.

Recent Mastering Clients Defining the Portland sound. 

March Fourth Jacob Balcom DJ Elevated LilaNelson Shoguns (A)wake Lower 48 Ragon Linde Jason BainSugar Cane Big Vinyl Fast Rattler So Good Deathtrap America Alternant Resonant Cellar Door Ragon Linde Headstones Oxcart Bear & Moose Saturated Phats Stephan Hesselman Asher Fulero Sugar Cane Nia NIAYH Rena Jones Crash Stephanie Schneiderman Kill the Rude Sunny Travels Chris Moncrieffe John Craig, Franco & the Stingers Unseen Belief Amanda Richards

Worth band ready to play your wedding.

Worth in Studio A


Chris Worth  tracking & mixing a new album. You'll be hearing about Worth!


Roseland Hunters

Tracking & mixing with Justin. This is going to be a great record.  Cookin ! Some of the best players in PDX come together to make a groove!

Charleston, S.C.'s needtobreathe on stage

Needtobreathe in the Studio

Needtobreathe stopped in last week while on their extensive US current tour, fresh from being Taylor Swift's opening bandThey recorded with Jordan Richter.

Jenny Don't laying down vocal and guitar tracks in Studio B


Veteran Portland rockers Don't stopped in to lay down tracks for their new EP with Justin Phelps.

Photo from Rolling Stone

Peter Buck, Mastered by Cloud City!

Peter Buck (REM) has a new vinyl album out now, mastered 'all-analog' by Rick McMillen in Cloud City Sound's Mastering suite.

Dark Country readying their axes for battle in Studio A.

Dark Country

Dark Country rocked Studio A for a week with Justin Phelps.

Toyko Raid basics in Studio A with JP.

Portland, OR's Fruition mastered their new release with Justin Phelps.

Cybelle with a recently-acquired hollowbody Vox.

Cybelle Clements

Cybelle has been in the studio on and off all autumn working on a number of tracks with drummer Todd Roper and Lewi Longmire on keys and some slide guitar.

Brandon Eggleston mixed the new Anousheh EP, who was nominated for a Grammy in 2006

Eugene, OR's Witch Mountain

Witch Mountain

Metal band Witch Mountain was in for 3 days.

Afromassive was in recording a new album with JP.



OM shot a video for their upcoming album in Studio A with engineer Brandon Eggleston.

Andi Starr tracking & mixing new album with Jordan Richter.

Heavy Devilry

Heavy Devils tracked basics in Studio A with Justin Phelps.

Brandon has engineered another gem at CCS for Mountain Goats.

Brandon Eggleston just spent a week with Scout Niblett doing tracking and mixing in Studio A.

Rowdy Roddy Piper busting skulls in Cloud City!!!

Rowdy Roddy Effing Piper

The greatest pro wrestler ever,Rowdy Roddy Piper, was in recording voiceovers for his episode of Celebrity House Hunting airing on Biography Channel...

"For the past few decades, Rowdy Roddy Piper and his family have been living in the country outside Portland, Oregon. While he moved his family there to protect them from the increasingly violent fans of Roddy's wrestling nemesis, Hulk Hogan, he now feels that things have calmed enough to bring his family back into the city. Roddy and his wife, Kitty, have a long list of requirements for a new home, but the couple of nearly 30 years doesn't always share the same list. Roddy is looking for a home fit for a Hall of Fame wrestler, while Kitty wants a home where their kids and grandkids will be comfortable, as well as a place that can house her two goats, large dog, and parrot. While Portland's finest real estate at their fingertips, will this couple be able to find a home that fits both their needs?

Popular singer Yuki Saori to receive Japan's Art Encouragement Prizes. Yuki has gained prominence outside Japan after collaborating with Pink Martini, a jazz ensemble based in Portland, Oregon, on "1969," an album almost entirely of songs sung in Japanese and an international sensation recorded entirely at Cloud City Sound." Pink Martini's Thomas Lauderdale produced an album for EMI Japan singer Yuki Saori with strings, harp, horns, and every other type of instrument played by the best players in PDX! Dave Friedlander engineered.

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