25'x27' asymetrical. 18' arching ceiling. Wood plank walls. Great sounding for drums or guitar amps. Entire bands can play at the same time. Even metal.

Plus ISO rooms for piano recording, vocals & guitar re-amping, etc.

Main tracking and mixing studio has vintage analog at its best : Trident TSM with 64 inputs at mixdown.lets rock

All the typical tool for tracking drums or vocals like Neumann and the best assortment of mics

ProTools 24 I/O track HD system and & Otari 1/4" half track master decks.

Day Rate is dependent on the independent engineer you work with. Please call us at 503-228-2222.

Digital or Analog Tracking & Mixing

In house instruments to utilize for your album recording: Drums, snares, grand piano, & synths. Track & mix your record here thru the great preamps & EQs on our 1980 Trident TSM mixer. And of course ProTools HD.

Professional-Grade, Cutting-Edge Digital Tools

We have the various digital tools too. As fashionable and acclaimed as analog is, digital provides certain essentials of music production, & we have just as much of that gear at our mouse tips. Software is getting bettter at providing accurate emulations of analog studio hardware. Your engineer has to be up on these evolving tools to know what sounds best.

You can't make microphones or mic preamplifiers digitally - they are are all analog.

CloudCitySound provides best of these recording tools, a nice sounding room, & all the digital stuff that qualifies for professional modern music production.


Quotes From Others

"One of the best sounding consoles ever built. The mic pre is based on the extended frequency response Trident TSM series input module... According to the manufacturer, the preamp measures an E.I.N. of -126.4 dBu (with 200 ohm input source); at max output of +28 dBu, dynamic range is a whopping 154 dB."
"Diamond Dogs was a milestone in Bowie's career as it reunited him with Tony Visconti, who provided string arrangements and helped mix the album at his own Good Earth Studios in London, on a Trident TSM, brand new from Trident at the time, console. Visconti would go on to co-produce much of Bowie's work for the rest of the decade." " The Trident is quite possibly the best sounding console ever. Of course that, as well as all I say here, is strictly my opinion, but I'm sure most would agree about the Trident. "


The Trident TSM analog mixing desk in studio A is quite famous for making a lot a great records. Some notable albums done on Trident TSM's -

Pink Floyd "The Wall"
David Bowie
Queen & Other projects by Roy Thomas Baker
Police's "Regatta de Blanc"
Phil Collins "Against All Odds" Ours was used on this.
Hall & Oates
Butch Vig/ Garbage
Public Enemy
The Buggles "Video Killed the Radio Star"
Modest Mouse - 2003
The Strokes - Modern Girls
Stephen Malkmus & Jicks
The Pointer Sisters Our was used on hits !
Afghan Whigs - Congregation - 1991
Built to Spill - Ancient Melodies of the Future - 2000
MXPX - No Action - 1999
Foo Fighters - 1996
Soundgarden - New Damage - Badmotorfinger - She Likes Surprises
These consoles were hand built in England by Malcom Toft himself from 1974-1981
. Ours is restored from 1980.sarm

Studio A Gear

Trident TSM Analog Recording Console

  • 40 channels of Trident preamps

  • API 512s

  • Genelecs

  • Hearback headphone system

  • 40 Channels of parametric Trident TSM

  • Potrzebie Veeblefetzer on everything audible.

  • Outboard in racks changes depending on the engineer and may not represent all that in the racks in the pics. Everybody has their favorites and rack fillers and that depends on the projects.

  • Otari 1/4" recorders
  • ProTools 10 HD2 Accel 24 I/O 192
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